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Tractors and nostalgia for the countryside 

Restaurant Zetor is a summery dairy barn right in the heart of Helsinki. Come to Zetor to grab a bite sitting at a sturdy farm table or to quench your thirst astride a real tractor. Food and drink menus convey the true spirit of Finland, offering a wide selection of familiar classics as well as specialities inspired by Finland's unspoilt countryside.   

The official sponsor of all tractor men and tractor women since 1991

Restaurant Zetor has been the flagship of Finnish cuisine and Finnish zest for many years. Since its opening day on 6th December 1991, which is also Finland's Independence Day, Zetor has been an irresistible venue for food-lovers as well as for party-goers who want to boogie to Finnish rock and pop music. Zetor is a dyed-in-the-wool thoroughly Finnish restaurant, fully licensed to serve alcoholic beverages from early morning till dawn.

Contact information:

Table reservations and requests for offer, please contact our Sales Service on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm, tel. +358 (0)10 76 64450

Restaurant Zetor
Mannerheimintie 3-5, Kaivopiha, FI-00100 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)10 76 64455
Fax +358 (0)10 76 64459 ravintola.zetorsokfi



1. Green salad (L, G) 7:40,-
Salad mix with tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, marinated red onion and dressing.

2. Canned vendace (L) 15:20,-
Toasted rye bread and canned vendace.

3. Starter blinis (VL) 9:60,-
Three mini blinis covered with mushroom salad, roe mousse and sour cream flavoured with smoked reindeer.

4. Rainbow trout soup (VL, G) 10:90,-
Rainbow trout, potatoes, and onion, simmered in creamy fish stock seasoned with white wine.

5. Reindeer sandwich (VL) 12:90,-
Toasted rye bread, salad mix, reindeer mousse and reindeer roast.

Main courses

6. Rainbow trout soup (VL, G) 17:00,-
Rainbow trout, potatoes, and onion, simmered in creamy fish stock seasoned with white wine.

7. Country salad (VL, G) 17:00,-
Salad with tomatoes, cucumber, marinated red onion, boiled potatoes, bacon and sauce. Fill salad with chickenfillet, reindeer roast, fried salmon or country cheese.

8. Logger's sandwich (VL) 18:70,-
Pan loaf, pork escalope, mushroom sauce, cheese and salad.

9. Beetroot and blue cheese sauté (VL) 17:00,-
Rye bread, beetroot sauté, cheese and salad.

10. Blini's (VL) 19:10,-
Two large blinis, sour cream and onion. Fill blini with reindeer mousse, roe or mushroom salad.

11. Vendace (VL) 19:60,-
Fried vendace with mashed potatoes and beetroot.

12. Grilled salmon (VL) 22:60,-
Grilled salmon, mashed potatoes & root vegetables covered with mushroom sauce.

13. Chicken with bacon and cheese (G) 20:40,-
Fried chicken breast, bacon, country cheese, salad and country fries.

14. Hash (L, G) 16:40,- / 20:60,-
Potatoes, onion, bacon and sausage topped with fried egg, pickled gherkin and beetroot. Also guaranteed to beavailable with cream and in King Size.

15. Sausage on the sauna stove (VL) 16:40,-
Sausage, mashed potatoes and pickled gherkin served inside a sauna pail.

16. Meatballs (VL) 16:40,-
Meatballs, mashed potatoes, pickled gherkin, beetroot and brown sauce.

17. Pro Karelian Hot Pot (L, G) 18:20,-
Braised beef, pork and lamb with boiled potatoes, lingonberries and pickled gherkin.

18. Sautéd reindeer (VL, G) 22:40,-
Sautéd reindeer, mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickled gherkin.

19. Grilled liver (VL, G) 19:50,-
Grilled liver served with mashed potatoes, root vegetables, lingonberries and pepper sauce.

20. Reindeer fillet (VL) 35:00,-
Reindeer sirloin, boiled potatoes, root vegetables and red wine- & mushroom sauce.

21. Tractorman's steak (VL, G) 33:60,-
Fillet of beef 250 g, fair & square potato sauté, root's, bacon and garlic butter.


22. Blueberry pie (VL) 7:80,-
Blueberry pie served in a tin mug topped with vanilla ice cream.

23. Apple pie and ice cream (VL) 7:80,-
Apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

24. Sorbet (L, G) 6:90,-
Lingonberry sorbet with a choice of caramel topping or strawberry jam.

25. Country cheese and cloudberry jam (G) 9:80,-
Country cheese simmered in cream with cloudberry jam.

26. Ice cream with topping (VL, G) 6:90,-
Choos between a scoop of vanilla -, chocolate - or strawberry ice cream topped with caramel sauce or strawberry - or cloudberry jam.

L = Lactose free VL = Low lactose G = Gluten-free