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Zetor is a voyage back in time to the countryside of old and traditional, uncomplicated but tasty country-style food. Finns are sometimes called shy. At night-time at Zetor this is not true. Disco music and classic Finnish tunes fill the dance floor until the small hours. The atmosphere at Zetor is casual and relaxed—all formality is forgotten. Enjoy the moment and you will be one experience richer.



1. Zetor's fish platter (L) €10.40
Smoked perch, rawpickled salmon, herring caviar, rye rusk, pickled cucumber, potato with dill. Oh my, how delicious!

Mini blinis for the gentry (LL, A) €10.40
Mini blinis fried in butter. Served with rainbow trout roe, mushroom salad, mousse of smoked reindeer, red onion and sour cream. Please do enjoy!

3. Open reindeer sandwich (L) €13.70
Fillet of reindeer, mousse of smoked reindeer, lingonberries and salad served on toasted bread from Maalahti.

4. Salmon soup (L, G, A) €11.20
This creamy salmon soup is a Zetor classic.

5. Smoked reindeer soup with cheese and rye breadcrumbs (L) €11.20

6. Savuahvenkukkonen, smoked perch pie (L) €10.50
The best of traditional Finnish cuisine! Smoked perch baked in a rye crust, melted butter with dill, sour cream and pickled cucumber.

7. Vegetarian's flatbread (L) €8.70
Flatbread pocket filled with soy wieners, marinated red onion and Zetor's mustard. Served with pickled cucumber.

8. Grandma's starter (L, G) €5.50
Lettuce, honey-thyme marinated carrot, tomato, pickled cucumber, served with house salad dressing. Fresh and crisp.


9. Goat cheese salad (G) €15.90
Grilled goat cheese, marinated beetroot, pickled cucumber, honey-thyme marinated carrot, cherry tomato, lingonberry syrup, roasted pumpkin seeds and house salad dressing.

10. Chicken salad (L, G) €18.00

Chicken and roasted bacon with pickled cucumber, marinated red onion, tomato, marinated carrot, served with house salad dressing.

11. Salmon salad (L, G) €18.50

Roasted salmon and egg with pickled cucumber, marinated red onion, tomato, marinated carrot, served with house salad dressing.


12. Zetor's bean balls (LL, G, A) €17.90
Bean balls hand-made in-house, mashed potatoes and carrot-butter sauce. Served with pickled cucumber and marinated beetroot.

13. Barley and chanterelle risotto (L) €17.40

Barley and chanterelle risotto, roasted pumpkin seeds, marinated carrot, cherry tomato and juiced red onion. Gifts of the forest served to you on a platter.


14. Traditional pyttipanna (L, G) €17.40
Finland's gift to the humankind! A harmonious combination of fried potato, onion, meat and sausage. A fried egg tops off the dish. Accompanied by gherkins and beetroot.

15. Traditional creamy pyttipanna (L, G) €17.40
Potato hash stewed in cream.

16. XL pyttipanna (L, G) €20.50
It can be even bigger! A larger portion of potato hash and a fried egg on top.
Accompanied by gherkins and beetroot.

17. Creamy XL pyttipanna (L, G) €21.00
A large and sturdy portion of potato hash stewed in cream.


18. Chicken melt sandwich (L) €19.90
Chicken fillet on toasted rustic bread. Bacon, onion, Valio Koskenlaskija cheese, melted cheese. Served with country potatoes, salad and lingonberry ketchup.


19. Chicken Orimattila style (LL, G, A) €21.70
This traditional signature dish of the Orimattila housekeeping school is now served at Zetor. Mouthwatering combination of roasted chicken and
bacon served with grilled squeaky cheese, country potatoes, red wine sauce and beetroot bake.

20. Karelian stew (L, G) €19.20
Stewed beef, pork and lamb with boiled potatoes, sugary lingonberries and pickled gherkins. Close to deserving a place on UNESCO's heritage list.

21. Sautéed reindeer (LL, G) €24.70
Genuine sautéed reindeer and mashed potatoes with sugary lingonberries and pickled gherkins. This will make you joik with joy.

22. Zetor's large blinis (LL, A) €20.30
Two large blinis in the traditional style, made from buckwheat and baked in clarified butter in a cast iron pan. Served with sour cream and red onions. Choose two delicious toppings: mushroom salad, mousse of
smoked reindeer, rainbow trout roe or sour cream.

23. The weather may change but vendace stays the same (LL) €21.20
A witty dish of vendace rolled in rye flour and baked in butter, served with traditional mashed potatoes and pickled cucumbers. A slice of lemon brought from the faraway colonies by a freight ship adds an international tone to the dish.

24. Grilled salmon (L, G) €23.90
Grilled salmon with creamy chanterelle sauce, beetroot bake and pickled cucumber.

25. Sauteed perch (L, A) €23.90
Sauteed perch, potato with dill, honey-roasted root vegetables, carrot-butter sauce.

26. Creamy salmon soup (L, G, A) €18.00
A Zetor classic!

27. Venison sausage frizzled on the grill (L, G) €17.40
Venison sausage, country potatoes, pickled cucumber, Zetor's mustard and lingonberry ketchup.

28. Crazy reindeer from Levi, Lapland (L, A) €38.20
Reindeer sirloin from the herd of Aslak next door, creamy barley and chanterelle risotto, red wine sauce, honey-roasted root vegetables.

29. Mummy's boy's meatballs (LL, G, A) €17.90
Beef meatballs made according to the traditional recipe of grandma Helvi. Served with mashed potatoes and creamy pepper sauce, pickled cucumbers and beetroot.

30. Grilled liver (LL, G, A) €20.60
Juicy grilled beef liver, mashed potatoes, creamy pepper sauce, roasted bacon and onion as well as sugary lingonberries.

31. Filled pork steak (200g) (L, G) €23.90
Pork minute steak filled with bacon, onion and Koskenlaskija cheese, served with honeyroasted root vegetables and country potatoes.

32. Tractor Man's steak (150g) (L, G) €30.40
Sirloin of beef baked on the bonnet of a Zetor tractor, accompanied by bacon and garlic butter as well as a baked potato, mousse of smoked reindeer and honey-roasted root vegetables. A sure jump start!

33. Tractor Man's steak LARGE (300g) (L, G) €39.60
A double size sirloin of beef baked on the bonnet of a Zetor tractor, accompanied by bacon, garlic butter as well as a baked potato, mousse of smoked reindeer and honey-roasted root vegetables. To keep you going!


34. Zetor's pancake €8.20
Served with caramellised apple and blackcurrant-cardamom ice cream.

35. Zetor's cheese cake (L) €7.90
Oatmeal biscuit, cream cheese, season's jam, all crowned with white chocolate.

36. Lapland squeaky cheese and cloudberry jam (LL, G) €10.50
Squeaky cheese stewed in caramel cream served with cloudberry jam.

37. Mustikkakukko (L) €8.60
The blue-blooded nobility of desserts: bilberry bake in a tin cup, served with vanilla ice-cream.

38. Home-style sorbet (L, G, A) €7.10
Lingonberry-bilberry sorbet with sweet lingonberry syrup. Pairs very well with Zetor's Finnish berry wine (€5.60/8cl).

39. Chocolate cake, Zetor style (LL) €9.30
Chocolate and mämmi are a magnificent match. Have a taste and see for yourself! Delicious chocolate cake with creamy mämmi ice-cream.

40. Charming ice-cream with sauce or jam €8.10
Two scoops of Caminito's artisan ice cream with the topping of your choice. Ask the waiter which flavours are available.

41. Zetor's ice-cream €5.10

Special diet choices available:
L = Lactose-free, VL = Low-lactose, G = Gluten-free, A = Contains alcohol
Please let your waiter know if you have any special requirements.

Please ask the staff if you need further information on the courses and the ingredients that may cause allergens and intolerance. (EU Food Information Regulation No. 1169/2011)